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Panel Air conditioner utilizes closed loop design to maintain clean and cooled air in electronic panel. To achieve this two entirely separate air circulation circuits are provided in Panel Air Conditioner. One circulation circuit sucks hot clean air from down of electronic control panel in to panel air conditioner and after passing it across evaporator of Panel Air Conditioner becomes cooled and dehumidified. Same cooled and dehumidified air is supplied to electronic control panel from top of the Panel Air Conditioner. The second circulation circuit makes use of ambient air to remove heat out of condensers and then to atmosphere from panel air conditioner. These two air circuit are separated by a partition in Panel Air Conditioner to ensure closed loop design and to keep electronic components of control panel away from dust and humidity present in factory shop floor.

Application of Panel Air Conditioner

  • CNC Machine Tools
  • Robotics
  • Control Panel
  • Automation Equipments
  • Food Processing Industry

Technical Specifications of Panel Air Conditioner

1 Capacity – Kcal/Hr 900 1350 2000 3000
2 Capacity – Watts 1050 1575 2325 3500
3 Power input 1F -230V-50Hz
4 Power Watts 750 900 1400 1750
5 Refrigerant R-134A (Eco-friendly)
6 Dimension – mm (LWH ) 390X250X650 390X250X650 390X250X650 390X250X650