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Industrial humidifiers are used when a specific humidity level must be maintained to prevent static electricity buildup, preserve material properties, and ensure a comfortable and healthy environment for workers or residents.

Static problems are prevalent in industries such as packaging, printing, paper, plastics, textiles, electronics, automotive manufacturing and pharmaceuticals. Friction can produce static buildup and sparks when humidity is below 45% relative humidity (RH). Between 45% and 55% RH, static builds up at reduced levels, while humidity above 55% RH ensures that static will never build up. The American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) has traditionally recommended a range of 45–55% RH in data centers to prevent sparks that can damage IT equipment. Humidifiers are also used by manufacturers of semiconductors and in hospital operating rooms.

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Benefits of Industrial Humidifiers

Static Buildup

According to humidifier suppliers in India many industries like electronics, paper, pharmaceuticals, packaging, automotive manufacturing, plastics, operating rooms in hospitals, semi-conductor manufacturing and printing face the problem of static buildup. Normally it is seen that sparks can occur and static buildup takes place in case humidity is under 45% RH. On the other hand such buildups are of reduced level in case the humidity is maintained within 45-55% RH while no such static build up occurs in case the humidity level is kept at 55% RH.

Dryness and Shrinkage

In case of paper manufacturers and printers, a humidifier India helps in preventing paper curls and shrinkage while they are used in cold storage rooms for preserving freshness of food items from dryness resulting from very cold temperatures.


As per humidifier suppliers in India controlled humidity is quite beneficial for most of the woodworking facilities. During the production process all the wood problems are related to lack of moisture such as uneven surfaces, cracked finishes, sunken joints, curving and cupping as well as split. Difficulties can also occur during veneering, gluing and laminating process. In addition to it, seasonal change in RH or relative humidity can result in warping, swelling and wood shrinkage. A steam humidifier can help in proper maintenance of RH can assist in retaining integrity of wood and reduce the seasonal fluctuations.